I am senior, Music Education Major, at Bethel College in North Newton, Kansas. For my January Interterm class I decided to create my own class and do something slightly different. A one woman show. In four weeks I will memorize 50 pages of lines, create blocking, build a set, advertise, and start conversations about peace.

To give you a little more background about why I am doing this project, I need to talk a little bit about my interterm class two years ago. Two interterms ago I was given the opportunity to take a class that spent three weeks in the Holy Land. I hopped on a plane to fly overseas for the first time, not knowing what I was getting myself into. I spent those three weeks traveling around Israel/Palestine discovering a world I didn’t know existed. Part of this trip involved following the foot steps of Jesus, the other half opened my eyes to a world of horrifying conflict and suffering. I came back to the states moved and changed in ways I still don’t understand.

In the following months after my return I talked with friends and professors to try and make sense of what I witnessed. My theater director, Megan Upton-Tyner, told me about the script My Name is Rachel Corrie and it immediately sparked my interest. After reading the play I knew I had to perform this script. Megan and I talked about the possibilities of this script and that is how this class came about. So here I am two years later performing a script about a cause I’m passionate about hoping to make difference.

My goal for this play is to spread the word about what is going on in Israel/Palestine. Not the stories that the media and government shares with everyone, but the stories of the people living there. I will be performing the full performance of My Name is Rachel Corrie on February 1st. There will also be three presentations about the script and conflict in Israel/Palestine. The performances will be at Lorraine Avenue in Wichita, KS, Rainbow Mennonite in Kansas City, KS, and Hesston College in Hesston, KS.

The point of this blog is to give people an insight on my experience as I work with the script. There will also be several projects along the way that I hope to explain. Check regularly for updates! Let’s talk about peace!



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