Rachel Corrie was an artist and a writer. A creator of details. A child, a friend, and a person.

As I am finishing all of the final preparations for the show tonight I picked up her book Let Me Stand Alone. It contains more excerpts from her journals over her lifetime. I began reading the introduction written by her father and my heart went out to him. Rachel had so much to say and I am sorry that she did not get the chance to say it all. I’ve learned more about Rachel this month than I ever expected to. I am thankful for her strength in supporting a cause that I too find important to help. Peace is something that should be obtainable rather than a never-ending tunnel.

Working alongside Rachel’s words for a month has forced me to never let them go. I want to work for peace in more ways than one. I want to have a voice that people will listen to. I want to make a difference in this world. Not for me, but for everybody else who can’t. Everybody deserves water to drink, food to eat, and a roof over their head. No matter what religion they are, no matter the family history, and no matter the tragedies that they have witnessed.

“I am a poet!” – Rachel Corrie. Tonight I hope to give your beautiful words justice. Let the light shine in the darkness.



2 thoughts on “Showtime

  1. Renee, I was deeply moved by the presentation last night. Your movements, the inflections of your voice all communicated the depth of
    your desires for living out of peace within as well as wanting that for others. Dare to live the dream of what you are to be about.

  2. Rene, We saw the play last evening. Absolutely stunning – – your performance, your endurance (physical because of your foot, and emotional). It seems to me that the message you were trying to convey came through loud and clear. Thank you!!

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