Dress Rehearsal

Thursday January 31

Today’s dress rehearsal was a success! A few people showed up to see the rehearsal who are unable to attend on Friday. I walked without the assistance of crutches for over half of the rehearsal. I didn’t want to over do it for this rehearsal so I started using crutches half way through. My foot is a little sore right now but I am elevating it and hoping all goes well tomorrow!

The few people who were in attendance tonight really thought the performance was eye-opening for them. They were very gracious and were wiping tears away from their eyes while they congratulated me. I am excited to see how many people from the community show up tomorrow. I have been working hard and would really like to give this show some justice tomorrow.

My nerves continue to escalate each day that we are closer to performance time but I think that is good thing. Once I start talking and really look out into the audience I know that I can do this. It’s just those first few lines when my heart is pounding so loud I can hear it in my ears.

I feel like working with Rachel’s words they have sort of become my words. Last night I had a dream in the way that she wrote her poetry. I described things down to the last detail, and over emphasised the physical description of everything. It was really weird, but I woke up and thought that this is what it is like to be fluent in another language.

Tomorrow will be a hectic day because I will constantly have the 7:30pm showtime flashing through my brain, but I’m excited. I am grateful for my friends and family who have supported me throughout this month. This show is not only for Rachel Corrie, myself, and the people of Israel/Palestine, it is also for all of you.

Peace be with you.


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