I can walk!!!

Wednesday January 30

First full day of classes for second semester and I am exhausted! I even skipped out on a few things to rest up for this evenings rehearsal. We didn’t start rehearsal until 9pm tonight because of other conflicts and rehearsals. That is about the time I find myself getting ready for bed lately, because I am so tired after a full day of moving. Lame, for a college student but it’s what you have to do to keep energy with a broken foot.

Several friends showed up to rehearsal to help me warm-up and get energized. We did some very inappropriate tongue twisters, stretched, and sizzled like bacon. Then we went for it. All tech, all stage help, all lines, props, costume changes, and lighting cues. And it went smoothly, not perfect, because there was some jumping around, literally and figuratively, but we made it!

We have an open dress rehearsal tomorrow and it will be our last time to smooth out any bumps in the road. Friday is the day. Two more days to go!

Oh ya…and I practiced walking today without crutches. I started out pretty rough. I looked like a one-legged peacock with back problems learning to walk for the first time. But after awhile of giggling from my audience of friends and some more feeble attempts to look normal I walked across my stage. Of course my arms were flopping around and pulling the air to help me move forward but I finally figured out how to put pressure on my foot. The doctor gave me a special shoe I am allowed to use for the performance and I’m technically allowed to walk for the performance as long as it doesn’t hurt. So far it doesn’t hurt it just takes some getting use to. Tomorrow we shall see if I can make it through an hour and half without using crutches. Fingers crossed! But it’s a miracle already!!


One thought on “I can walk!!!

  1. Gracias por la reflección y la realidad por la presentación en Chapel de Hesston College. ¡Fue muy profunda y bien hecha! Una manera para abrir nuestros ojos a una realidad desconocida. Bendiciones para este fin de semana.
    María Day, Instructora de español

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