Donations will be given to…

4 days. 3 rehearsals. It is almost time. Sometimes I am so nervous and I can’t actually believe this is going to happen. Class starts tomorrow and my life won’t be completely immersed in this project…although it is the first week of classes so I may be letting things slide during tech week (or the week of hell as we sometimes call it). This is the week where things start falling into place, you don’t really sleep, and you are constantly making lists of last-minute things you must do to make the show come together.

My director and stage manager put together a soundtrack for the production. And it is AMAZING! Some of the songs are taken from a street band in Palestine, a Folk band made up of Israelis and Palestinians, and a Mass taken from music of the Jewish, Islam, and Christian faith. I get goose bumps it’s so good!

I have officially decided that all donations made will be donated to ICAHD (Israeli Committee Against House Demolitions). It is an organization in Israel/Palestine that is resisting the occupation and constructing peace. All money, after production costs are taken out, will be sent to help this organization build peace. I found this organization fitting because Rachel Corrie worked closely  preventing the demolition of homes and I visited this site while in Israel/Palestine. Volunteers from all over the world have the opportunity to go and rebuild houses during the summer. For more information about this organization go to:

There will be no ticket sales for this performance. All seating is general. Doors will open at 7pm, so if you are travelling from a distance please show up early to get a spot! Who knows how many people will show up!


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