A Heaven Full of Forgiveness

Thursday January 17

I have been getting really angry at the world lately. I have basically been living in the world that Rachel Corrie lived in while she was in Israel/Palestine for the past two weeks and it is hard. I am experiencing the same things she did and I feel like they are effecting me almost as much as they effected her. Sometimes I wonder how she did it. I don’t know how she was able to witness these horrific events at such a young age. She was only a year older than I am. I can’t image going through this experience without being able to call my mom and cry and complain about how horrible the world we live in is. This world is not fair. It is mean and makes really bad choices. This world would fail any class offered at KIPCOR.

I truly hope that when we all die, there is only a heaven. My wish is that everyone will go to heaven and God will be like “You really screwed up, but I love you and I want you here with me.” And then everybody we be like “Ya we really did, that was real stupid of us. I wish I would have lived my life differently. I want to go back and tell everybody that war and murder is not worth it.” The sad part about that is even if all these angels from heaven come down and tell us all to grow up and just be nice, I’m not sure how many people would actually listen.

I want to believe that there is something greater out there than this horrible world we live in. I need to believe this, because it helps make my life mean something. I want to devote my life to making this stop. It really is not necessary and should have been stopped a long time ago. This has got to stop!


2 thoughts on “A Heaven Full of Forgiveness

  1. Reneé, thanks much for your presentation of “My Name is Rachel Corrie” at Rainbow Mennonite Church last night. I though you did a very good job, and I pray that your presentation of the full play at Bethel on Feb. 1 goes really well.

    In addition to my WordPress.com blog (LifeLoveLightLiberty), on which I don’t post very often, I also have a blog called The View from This Seat on blogspot.com, and on March 15, the day before Rachel’s tragic death ten years ago, I plan to make a posting about her. And it is because of you that I have learned about Rachel and then decided to do that.


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