Two Lives of Similarities

Tuesday January 15

Rachel Corrie was a writer, poet, and activist. She described the simplest of things as if they were hidden treasures. She made lists. She wrote down her thoughts and feelings in journals. Rachel was driven and courageous. She was awkward, goofy, and free-spirited. She was fun. And most of all she was loved.

Today Megan gave me an assignment to make a list of all of the things Rachel and I have in common. This is to help my characterization of Rachel and bring her to life on stage. I am currently scared to bring Rachel to life. I read her words as if they are sacred territory that are to be stressed with meaning in every word. This is true, however I need to be able to show Rachel’s fun side of life. This play is not about her death the entire time. It is about her life’s work. Her devotion to peace and the rights of humanity.

Rachel and Renee’s similarities:

We are driven. We do what we want and what we think is right, no matter how crazy or scary it may be.

We are organized, list makers. Keeping track of everything on our minds by writing it down.

Our families are beyond supportive, but keep our realities in check.

We were raised in a world where opportunities and possessions were handed to us freely.

Impressing boys. Sheltered lives. Overly decorated, red bedrooms. Unknown futures. Overly dramatic.

We live in fantasized, utopia worlds where people are free and happy. Everywhere.

Our first overseas trip was eye-opening and changed our life for the better.

We are not afraid to swim naked on the beach.

Our mothers were overly involved growing up.

We believe in peace

and hope.

My differences from Rachel:

My vocabulary is limited. I cannot write in ways that she did.

Her strength seems stronger than mine.

I sing my way through the hard times. She drew and wrote.

I have footsteps to follow on the path to peace in Israel/Palestine.

I am able to perform her words, and speak to people about her activism.

If Rachel Corrie were still alive today and we met, I know that we would work together to solve this horrible situation. She would push me in ways that I wouldn’t know were possible. I would be hesitant at first but thank her in the end. Sacrifices are going to have to be made to make peace in the world.

I am having a hard time. I am having a hard time trying to figure out why everyone can’t sacrifice things and time in their life to help making this stop. Maybe when I am 50 years old and have lived a bit longer, I’ll understand. But now I have this energy and drive that cannot understand anyone’s reasons to sit by and let this happen. I cannot believe that God would want that to happen. I cannot believe that we let that happen. Why does life have to be so hard? We should all be able to sacrifice and share with others. Forget about the power struggle, the money grabbing games, and the endless war over land.

“We are all born and someday we’ll all die. Most likely to some degree alone.” – Rachel Corrie

Would you rather be remembered like Mother Teresa or Ivan the Terrible?


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