A Musical of Peace

Monday January 14

Saturday was a hard day. But sometimes you need those kinds of days to remember why you should work for peace. And by working for peace I mean devote your life to making peace obtainable. I have recently come to the conclusion that my life would not be complete if I graduated from Bethel and began teaching music for the rest of my life. Music is my life. I can’t image living in a world where I didn’t sing or perform. But trying to obtain peace is also part of my life now. I honestly believe that I can do both. I can roam the streets of Israel/Palestine strumming my guitar singing songs about love and peace. Now that would make a statement to people.

On Sunday I gave a presentation at Lorraine Avenue. The turnout was fantastic and many people were beyond interested in what I was doing. I performed 20 minutes of scenes from the script and then talked about why I was taking this journey with the script. It’s not only about the theater aspect for me, it is also about speaking to people and getting people to listen.

After the performance a man came up to me and said that I was helping to spread the story of Rachel Corrie. Just like many Anabaptists have spread the word about Dirk Willems for centuries. It is a common story told among Mennonites, that Dirk Willems risked his life to run back and save his pursuers life, who had fallen in the ice while chasing him, only to be returned with torture and death. Rachel Corrie could be a symbol for people who give their lives to peace, just like Dirk Willems is an example of someone who risked his life to save his enemy.

Each day I am thankful for the crew of helpers and supporters that walk with me each day. I could not do this show without my director, my stage manager, my light designer, and the many other Bethel people who volunteer their time. I am grateful for each person who is helping me make this production possible. Each and everyone of you is making my dream for peace more of a reality.


One thought on “A Musical of Peace

  1. Reneé, your opening comment that Saturday was a hard day made me re-read your blog posting for Saturday, 1/12/13. I am glad you are at a better place after your performance on Sunday. Whatever affirmation you received from the many people in attendance must have helped get you back to this better place. I can only imagine what it is like to get yourself into the character of Rachel Corrie, who was martyred in a different way than Dirk Willems or MLK, Jr., or JFK or RFK. When I announced at Rainbow about your performance this Friday, I slipped up on your name, and said “Rachel Reimer” will be performing . . . but maybe that is how you are feeling some days!

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