Human Nature

I am thankful for Mojo’s hot chocolate. I am thankful for the continuous support of my family. I am thankful for music that soothes my soul. I am thankful for my professors that help me achieve my dreams and goals. I am thankful for my friends who help me in times of need, even in the most selfish situations. I am thankful that I have things for people to take. I am thankful for my mother’s strength. I am thankful there is food in my mini-fridge. I am thankful for running water. I am thankful that I have faith in God. I am thankful for so many things and disgusted at the same time.

Why am I allowed to have all of these things when others don’t? Why do I have this privilege? People are suffering all over the world and I spent my afternoon jamming out to music, memorizing lines in a coffee shop, and playing Tetris. It’s not fair. It’s not fair that people’s homes are being destroyed while I sit here writing this post.

I don’t understand the thought process of people who think it is ok to completely obliterate the home of a family. I don’t understand the thought process of countries that go to war with one another as an easy solution to solving a problem. This world we live in is a shameful place.

I wish I could stand on a box in the middle of New York City and tell the world that we don’t have to live like this. We can be better people who care about other people. I feel like our sole purpose on Earth is to not only achieve success and raise a family, but it is also to help others in need, those less fortunate. I wish I could stand on that box and people would listen and would say ‘Yes! I want this to stop.’ Sadly, I know people won’t listen and will continue to fight others off as they climb to the top of the world’s power and money pile. I can’t even get my own family to listen to me about the benefits of rearranging where our piano should go, so how am I suppose to get others to listen to me about the world’s problems? I am 21 years old and sometimes I think I have a better grasp on how life should be. But because I am only 21 years old I am also naive and fragile and too young to understand the world’s problems. But maybe that is what this world needs. Maybe a naive 21 year old college student should be heard because it would be something different. As far as I can tell, trying something different is just what this world needs. We have been in wars and killing people since the beginning of time. I am told this is human nature.

Is it such a horrible idea to try something different?


2 thoughts on “Human Nature

  1. And may us elders be reminded of our youthful ideals and be inspired again to do what we can. We have encountered many individuals who fought the good fight — nonviolently, of course — and have scars to prove it. Our instincts now are to shelter our youth, to steer them away from early martyrdom, to find the balance of self-care and self-sacrifice . . .

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