The end of a-gallon-a-day

Thursday January 10

Today is the last day of my five-day gallon-a-day challenge. I have found that living over the past five days with restricted water has started to become a habit. I can’t actually believe that tomorrow I can turn on the faucet or shower at any moment. I won’t have to measure out my water anymore. I feel like this is a project for a person who wants to live in someone else’s shoes for awhile. This project really made me think about how often I actually use water and how much of it. It is incredible how much water one person can use! I wish that it would be possible for me to restrict my water on a daily basis and then send all the water I would normally use to the people in Palestine who are in desperate need of it. They need the water more then I do. I use it for vanity and a comfortable lifestyle. Palestinians use water for their crops, to feed their families, to make a living in order to survive.

I keep going back to the last scene of the play and feeling such a sadness for people. Not just the people in Palestine, but for people all over the world. If people acted more like Rachel, and worked for peace maybe this world would be a better place. A place were parents in any part of the world would feel safe raising their child, without the threat of gunfire, bombs, and bulldozers.

Preparation for the Lorraine Avenue presentation is coming along. Please join me on Sunday, January 13th at 12:45pm for an informative session about this project. I will be performing a few scenes from the play, as well as talking about the work Rachel did and my connection to this topic. People who have also been to Israel/Palestine will share stories of their experiences. Please come with questions and an open mind willing to allow peace to enter the space.


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